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Moving Picture Company is divided into several independent profit center divisions. The company is headed by The Chairman & Managing Director along with The Vice Chairperson & Director Marketing who are advised by a qualified board of directors comprising of marketing and financial experts.

Independent division heads are responsible for their own divisions in addition to the various creative operations of the company. Broadly these divisions are...



The Chairman & Managing Director of MPC, Ramesh Sharma, who made the award winning feature film, New Delhi Times, directly looks after this department. He is now scripting Moving Picture Company's return to cinema. Two International co-productions ¡ª one on the Hungarian Tibetologist, Alexander Csoma and the other on the painter, Amrita Shergil- have already been signed and development work is underway. A Hindi film property is also being developed for Bollywood.


This division conceives, develops and produces key prominent films for exhibitions globally and at various important festivals. Moving Picture Company is recognized worldwide for its path breaking documentary films, several of which have won international critical acclaim. Key projects executed include Jihadi - The Murder Of Daniel Pearl, which has received two Emmy Award nominations USA, Afghanistan, The Taliban Years and Beyond, a film on Afghanistan coming out of the siege of Taliban; Jihad- The Sword of Islam; Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan¡¯s Man of Destiny; Making of a Nation, a 10 part series tracing the History of Independent India, 25 Incredible Years produced for the Indian Today Group, Of Mountains & Monasteries, produced for Ismeo (Italy), Cyber Frontiers a 3part series on the coming of age of Indian IT industry. Moving Picture has also produced some outstanding travel destination films- including 10 spots for BBC World for the Incredible India campaign.


This division, headed by the Creative Head and Executive Producer, is responsible for all the software MPC develops and creates for various networks, overseas as well as in India. The range of programmes spans Fiction serials, Infotainment and news productions, weeklies, dailies, entertainment shows, soaps, thrillers and so on. The division has clocked over 2500 hours of air programming.


Seeing the huge demand for animated features internationally, the company is in the process of expanding its core team of animators and designers to cater to this market. A long format 3D animated series Jungle Tales based on the ancient Indian fables "Panchatantra", was premiered on Cartoon Network and Doordarshan. The team works with industry standard software packages like Alias Wavefront Maya, Discreet 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop¡­more


Working alongside the animation division is a graphics and packaging team that specializes in creating a look and identity for channels, opening and closing sequences for films and montages for programmes. Among other clients, this department is currently working on creating a new look for Doordarshan National- India's largest terrestrial channel with a viewership of 80 million homes and Doordarshan News.


This is Moving Picture Company's newest department specifically designed to cater to the growing electronic entertainment/infotainment market. The department is being focused to cater to both ends of the multimedia production spectrum, on the one hand targeting the growing needs of the corporate and advertising world, and on the other hand developing its own titles for the publication based general retail market be it educational, infotainment or general entertainment titles.


The marketing team which is responsible for network sales, sponsors and client servicing, in turn, supports the various creative departments of the company. There is a technical team headed by the Chief Technology Officer that looks after the technical infrastructure and future technical growth of the company. An able administrative and operations team facilitates smooth implementation of systems within the company.

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